Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

The golden gate bridge recently turned 75 years old. There was a big party in San Francisco to celebrate. My dad had the great idea of riding bikes across the bridge. I never in a million years would have thought of or wanted to do this. But I did. For my dad. 

We started at pier 39. This is me in wearing the helmut that I swore up and down to Jeremy that I would not be caught dead in.  

Mom and Dad.

We rode along the water and I saw parts of SF that I have never seen before. 

Fort Mason

I can see the bridge, GG here we come!

Alcatraz Island.

Downtown SF in the distance.

Uh Oh, we seem to be getting closer to the bridge.....


 Me and that damn helmut.

We made it on the bridge!! Thankfully they have one side of the bridge that is strictly for bikes.

A new form of advertising, just hire 5 planes to write it in the sky! No big deal.

Mom and Dad keeping up. It didn't help that we were riding against the wind.

Looks like we made it to the other side! Yay for us!

I am really glad that I "went along for the ride" on this one. I am pretty proud of myself for doing so well. I also enjoyed the quality time with my parents. Made me feel like a kid again. 

Thanks for the idea Dad. You can cross this one off your bucket list!!

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