Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Specials!!!!

The main reason that we went to LA was for my older sisters bday. Our mom bought us all tickets to see the specials. It was one of the funnest shows I have ever been to. It was their first show in the US in a reeeaaaally long time and they sounded amazing! Can you tell that we are sisters? (big sister Kaley, Me, little sister Camy). Yep, I'm the middle child :)
We are pretty much all the same person. Main difference between the 3 of us,?I'm a little taller :)

Even though she will be 29 this year (yikes!), she will always be a baby to me :)

That's Scooter in the back, He's a pretty funny guy.

They are pretty much the funnest people to hang out with.


Samson's first road trip...

We drove down to LA to visit my sisters. It was Sammy's first long car trip and I must say that he did really well! He just sat between his daddy and me and took in the scenery.

Samson Pee Wee :)


Give mommy a kiss!

He has the longest tongue.....

My love.

The drive down the 101 is so pretty :)

The deal of the century :)

So, I just happened to stop into the Betsey Johnson store on Fillmore Street the other day. Low and behold, they were having the most amazing sale ever! I got this AMAZING bustle coat for a third of the price! Woo Hoo! Please admire it in all its glory....