Sunday, March 24, 2013

24 Weeks!

I am 24 weeks and growing! 

What I wore : Hi-low Dress Lolita ℅ Crossroads Trading on College Ave., Black Danskin leggings, vintage turquoise and shell necklace ℅ my mother-in-law, vintage black cowgirl boots.

Baby training.

My good friend Jennifer brought her 4-month old baby Anthony over the other day. I was very interested to see how Sam and the kitties would react. There was a lot of sniffing, a little bit of jealousy, but overall I think they were ok with him. Until he started crying :)

Let it snow!!

We had a quick weekend getaway to North Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago. We met Jeremy's sister and her family there. We made the same trip last year around the same time, I'm thinking this is our little families first yearly tradition. 

It was cold! 


Jeremy had a snowball fight with Cole and Sophie (our nephew and niece). 
Im pretty sure the kids won. 

 We went sledding one day, well I watched while everyone else sledded. And Sam waited in the car, his decision.

The same day we hung out at the Northstar Resort, sticking close to the fire pits. 
(Sister in-law Anna and Cole above)

My niece Sophie LOVES Sam, I think hanging out with him was what she was looking forward to most about this trip. Can you blame her?? 

Our cottage was near Carnelian Bay, Such a beautiful beach. I think this is the clearest lake I have ever seen, made me want to jump right in.

 Father and Son.

Husband and Wife. 

Mother and Son. 

22 weeks!