Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ollie's first Easter

Easter is has always been my favorite holiday. Growing up it was always filled with early morning easter egg hunts, volleyball games, 4-wheeler riding, money eggs from grandma, and tons of family. I hope that our little Ollie has the same love for the holiday that I do.  
So far I think we are off to a good start. 
 The easter bunny brought Olivia her first dolly, a dinosaur, a book, pajamas, and a bathing suit.
She had fun pulling everything out of the basket.

 Jeremy's mom was visiting, so we all headed over to my parents where Olivia received her second easter basket of the day. It included bubbles :)

 Handsome dad took Ollie for a stroll in her chair on wheels, as you can see this is her most favorite thing to do.

 Daddy and baby decided to take a snooze. There is no way that Jeremy can ever deny this little gal is his! 
 After nap time, it was time for an easter egg hunt! 

Grandma's Galore!!
Happy Easter from the Zieglers! 


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