Friday, August 16, 2013

7 weeks old

My baby girl is 7 weeks old today, time is flying by. I am enjoying (almost) every moment of it. We have had lots of ups and downs, as any couple with a new baby has.  People can warn over and over again that having a newborn is the hardest thing you will do, but you seriously can not understand until you are thrown into it yourself. And its even harder when you little bundle of joy decides to surprise you and come 2 weeks early :)

Here is a short list of some the highs and lows so far: 

Low - dealing with jaundice levels getting scary high. I know jaundice is very common, but when it is your baby that is fighting it it feels like you are fighting the plague. This caused many a tear to fall from mommy during the first week home. 

High - seeing my Oma hold Olivia for the first time on the 4th of July. I am so happy to see her get to know her great grand daughter. 

Low - breast feeding! Again, something that a lot of new moms have a hard time with, but Damn!!! 7 weeks later and my boobs are still sore! This Momma is not giving up though, every day gets a little bit easier. 

High - discovering that Ollie loves the bath! We get in there together and she is completely content floating in the warm water :)

Low/High - discovering that Sunday (one of our cats) really does not like it when Ollie cries. Being bitten on the leg by a crazy cat while trying to change a diaper and console your crying baby is funny and not so funny at the same time. Damn cat.

High - seeing little Ollie resemble her Daddy more and more every day. I love her little daddy nose. 

High - speaking of Daddy, being completely blown away by the level of love and commitment Jeremy has shown to his little girl. From helping deliver her, to changing diapers, to putting her to bed every night. My love for him grows more and more every time I see him with her. 

High - seeing her grow and change on a daily basis. She just recently started smiling at me and it melts my heart every time. She amazes me and I simply cannot stop staring at her. 

I know there are things that I am leaving out and that there is going to be so many more highs and lows ahead of us on this wonderful adventure. I look forward to sharing them :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her so far…..

The last picture taken of me the night before she was born. I kinda love this picture.

The next day, she was born at 3:04 p.m. on June 28th 2013. 

Olivia's first holiday, the 4th of July. Four generations in one picture. My mom and dad, my Oma, me and my baby.

Sleeping, so sweet in her little tie dye onesie :)

Crazy cat that was mentioned above. Sunday doesn't seem to mind having her around when she is sleeping :)

Jeremy and his two babies. Sam has been the best big brother, I am so proud of him. 

Olivias first bath.

Her pirate face.

Pondering life so far.

Happy after bath number two.

Grandpa Jerry came to visit for a week, it was nice having extra help around while Jeremy went back to work. 

Chubby cheeks filling out and big blue eyes. 


There's that wonderful smile I was talking about. She sure can light up a room :)

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  1. Oh Cobie,
    This is a wonderful collection of memories! I enjoyed your beautiful prose as well as the photos which are truly sweet. I am so happy for you and Jeremy. What a gorgeous baby girl you made together and she is fortunate to have such great parents:)
    Love Ever, jenny